Youth and Adult Field Hockey




Undertow has four age groups: U19, U16, U14, and U12. If the player turns that age on or after the first on the current year then they are the next age group up.  Ex. Player turns 16 Jan 1 of this year then they are U16 the entire calendar year. Think of how old you are on New Year's Eve. If you haven't yet turned 12, 14, 16 by 12/31, then you are under and hence U that age. 

Or simply this: For 2023, if you were born in 2011 & 2012=U12,

2009 & 2010=U14, 

2007 & 2008=U16,

2004 & 2006=U19

All players are required to be members of US Field Hockey, and to affiliate with our club Tidewater FHC under US Field Hockey. This is required to practice and participate in both regional and national tournaments.