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                  Spring Summer- Outdoor Season is back!                                       River City, Betty Weaver, Tuckahoe Middle School, Twim Hickory Park


From this site you can register to play on one of Undertow's teams. See below for our Indoor Season!


We are adding grades K-2 with our newest Coaching additions. 


As always feel free to bring a friend to check us out!                



Spring-Summer Outdoor Is Back

Outdoor Hockey is Back!!    5 months of hockey is $350 -- $275 for U12s ---includes tournaments, practices, most if not all clinics, play days, college recruitment, and anything else we can add.....  and get up to -- ( or up to what we can get???)


For 5 months our goal is simply to get you to play tough competition, to work on high level technical skills training, and with the help of our fitness and agility program, keep our girls safe with fewer injuries and stronger knees; etc.


First off our mission: Everything we do is to help the players get better and reach their goals. The idea is that you will learn, train, and have a blast during these 5 months of hockey so that you can go back to your school team this fall and showcase your mad talents, technical hockey know-how, and add to your team's school experience and level of play.

Mistakes....  we demand that you continue to push yourself and make mistakes. We can help fix and mitgate mistakes and help teach you to recover. Make mistakes with us and showcase the results on your school team. 

New players....  the coaches and more importantly all of the girls in the club welcome new teammates.


You can register online and pay with a card.....


 go to----      find Register Now  


If you want to send a check, just click through and instructions will pop up but please register online. All checks written out to Undertow FHC and mailed to 


Plunket Beirne

3214 Fox Chase Rd

Midlothian, Va 23112


So what to expect for Spring / Summer?


Hockey Hockey Hockey!!!!


Starting Wednesday March 2nd at River City Field 8  and every Wednesday until August 6:00-8:00 

We will work on your technical skill to have an immediate impact on your play working toward your August school tryouts. Wednesdays will focus on Nexus Style Training and Elite Ball Carrying Curiculum.

Starting Suday March 13th at Tuckahoe Middle School from 3:00-5:00 we will focus on game play situations and principles of play. We will continue Sundays and will add one more practice at first and then back to 4-5 training opportunities per week.


And then we'll add


Mondays at Twin Hickory 6:00-8:00PM   We will add as soon as we can for pick up play and special clinics with guest luminarys. Were is Stocks?

Expect a lot of coaching, playing, tournaments, coaching, learning, working hard, having fun, competing, and preparing to be your best at preseason tryouts in August!!  How about that?

Last year we added Saturdays and Tuesdays at Tuckahoe Middle---- we plan to add those days as well. 

Girl Power Goalie School!!!!

Coach Gill and Coach Heyden are our bright lights with the goalies. Guests working with her will be Chloe Billy GK- UMW, Campbell Whyte, and others...  GPGS will be on Sundays in March and will on Wednesdays at River City. 


Tournaments!  So far we are scheduled for May 22th at the Warhill....  more coming

The colleges and clubs are right now putting our collective heads together CNU/Stick Power are talking dates at Warhill in Williamsburg as are William and Mary, Va Wesleyan, Saints will host at the beach, and NoVa clubs and UMW are looking to host at FFH in Fredericksburg.

Starting in May we will invite clubs and teams to play on Wednesday nights at River City on field #7.  If your school team want to come play... let me know.

Expect numerous opportunities to apply our skills, technicals, strateegeries, and principles training into game play




Tryouts?? There are no tryouts and there are no set teams.  Why would I cut you to have you go to someone else to make you good enough to play for me? Why would I limit you to a small pool of teammates? Crazy....You sign up for the tournaments you can make and we'll pull the teams together using our judgement and are happy to have your input. Remember everything we are doing is to help you reach your goals of playing better hockey. 


We do ask that you take a good hard look at your calendar as you commit to tournaments.... we feel it's quite bad form for our club to drop teams at the last minute. If you may blow off an event because grandma grabbed a beach cottage for Mem Day weekend...  simple, don't sign up for the Cougar Tournament. 


Warm ups and conditioning....  working with Matt Wren at PT Works and using the experience and education of our coaches, we will have a program of exercises and conditioning that will help build a stronger athletes and mitigate injuries....  repeat... injury mitigation. One big focus will be on knee strengthening exercises. FYI



***********  please read twice   *******  Oh my... but I play lacrosse or soccer or softball?  --- Well first off we run through August your school season does not. Also, we get that during your season you can't skip school practice.... if you can make a night time practice or two in between honing your mad lax skills and keeping up your homework, then do so.  But, the tournaments are on the weekends, so come play in those and we'll plan on your diligent commitment to practice when your school season is over and you've done your best to make honors. Parents.... if you have any questions about any of this from a parent's perspective re scheduling, commitment, all around craziness.. just call me.... it's really not as much overload as it looks on paper. I too have a lacrosse season with which to contend.


And, speaking of keeping up your homework....  your number one priority during the Undertow Spring/Summer season is to your school work and grades. The grand mission of your coaches is to help you be technically better and more successful hockey players. A huge part of your hockey success is in your grades and education ( hahaha that's my cover for my correcting your grammar at practice).  Remember the first question a college coach asks is, " what's your gpa?"  One of our players skipped some practices and even a Disney game for school work and still got to play for MIT. Maybe if she hadn't skipped she wouldn't have been able to get there.  So, Undertow girls..... just know, we will always side with your parents in choosing studies over hockey. Do your project Friday night... you may have a tournament on Sunday. 


Who we are: Undertow FHC is the youth program of Tidewater FHC an adult club founded in 1926.  Undertow is non profit and all of our coaches play for Tidewater/ RVA field hockey and volunteer their time. The mission statement of Undertow FHC is simple, "to improve the quality of field hockey in the Richmond area." Everything we do, indoor in the winter, and outdoor in the spring/summer, is for the girls and their goals in our sport. Our goal is to do everything we can to help them excel in hockey and develop a community of athletes who will help one another succeed. Our time horizon is from when she first picks up a stick to all the way through ... whether or not she plays in college. We are very proud of the ladies who come back to coach and keep the game going. 


Who we are not: if you are looking for a A team, B team, C team cut and cut throat environment elite travel team who will judge your progress and your goals by the coach's win/loss ratio, and if you are looking for the fatuous promise of a college scholarship if you do x,y, and z.........  we are not your club. I'm not saying that type of club shouldn't exist, it can be a fit for many, but we are not that club. 
College process: while playing in college is not for everyone, nor should it be necessarily, we know the process and we know a lot of college coaches. Plenty of Undertow club members have gone on to play in college. Our mission there is to steer the conversation toward the best academic fit for everyone and for those dreaming of playing in college, the right academic and athletic fit. Bottom line... the single biggest determining factor in your playing in college is the same as the first question the coach will ask me, " what's her GPA?" So..... do your homework, grades come first. 
DO NOT PAY A THIRD PARTY FOR COLLEGE RECRUITING UNTIL TALKING TO US. We have relationships with lots of college coaches and have plenty of experience here. This is another resourse you have in your club. Oh....  and we don't charge extra for it. 
Do ask me about using Field Level
Competition... we like to compete. Our goal is to get these ladies some of the best competition we can find. That means we don't go to scrub events looking for a feel good win. We look for tough competition always looking to play teams better than we. Our focus is on developing and pushing better skill, getting better habits and developing muscle memory, and then we're looking at the scoreboard. The work we do off season will translate to her school team's scoreboard in the fall. Yes as competitive athletes we work to win, but there is a place to put getting better first. Again... fall scoreboard. 1st/2nd team all conference.


I'm sure there are many things I've forgotten to cover. But never hesitate to get with me or any of the Undertow coaches if you have any questions. And keep the questions coming... feel free to email Plunket at plunketb @ gmail anytime. 

by posted 02/12/2022
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